Tipping page :)

Part of the tips i receive will go to renting some hashrate to mine tBTC... Part will go to hosting fees

There are many tipping options, all equaly valid

Notice: if you contact me via mail: [mocacinno] [@] [gmx] [.] [com] or PM me on bitcointalk (link) before tipping, you'll receive credit on this page (or the main faucet page) :)

Sending back the tBTC

Please, use the tBTC you receive from this faucet as long as you want. Play, Develop, Learn... But after you're done, the tBTC is worthless to you, it'll never be worth anything...
So, please, send it back once you're done:

Sending a tip in BTC

For your amusement, i'm accepting BTC tips on my legacy vanity (P2PKH) address, my nested segwit (P2SH) address and my native segwit (bech32) addres
address type Address
vanity (legacy) 1MocACiWLM8bYn8pCrYjy6uHq4U3CkxLaa
nested segwit 3NMoA9R6dNDxV3dmnRRFqC44cW1PaDg5hs
native segwit bc1qu7ur6p68g4wthd0v4tzmpz4efzdra04l5e028x

Sending a tip in altcoins

This list is non-exhaustive, i accept about all altcoins that aren't completely worthless, so if you wish to tip, but your favorite coin isn't in the list: contact me :-p
This list is not a political statement. Some coins on this list are *shady*, listing these coins is not an endorsement, it just means i had a convenient way of creating a wallet for these altcoins!
(alt)coin name Ticker Address
Ethereum ETH 0xD65400079AdAba8cCcaD4f3D20D21f13B6240514
Monero XMR 4542WkSzKUMaPSXJUAHzgDA3RZAvEYvq8iWAjsSLt5cn5zjraBTv76JMsn7YizwihfMj9XCib9qaPguarmHExv1A9FU33Ww
Bitcoin gold BTG btg1qrccztjmn6zvax96nmjlm2pte4z3sruh4lw3p50
BitcoinSV BSV 1NWpA1gnHymVhHmZazTSuQR2CjPTwTQAKk
DOGEcoin DOGE DBWhPshaofm6AUDjansyN8612hABdfhGuq
Litecoin LTC ltc1q793sv74jatvu53d3dfpk3g8uzvqhk9cnlrmwej
Bitcoin Cash BCH qp64v2wyurkwvcfm65dxds6y4vtv0lyrjquddugg74
Litecoin Cash LCH CUC4qnt4PypnJvb6eraVVU6GgX6AWtf5tN
Dash DASH Xc2s2du9KfsuLSC95Fba8RvsVnZ6dSphwb
Clamcoin CLAM xDJqRde9VLj6Hy3xvUpSYe6z3aNtdQ217S
Peercoin PPC PXMsLM3uX28mge8o2u25KBJE6PEDQCAsj4
Ripple XRP r39WexbeZyCqriCMXUfYfENv69LNkxXC8T
Verge XVG DJxfFScVvgRdXTWuqnKrytq9fE63uaoQvD
Zcash ZEC t1LzQKpzhPn2AyVkRdVHnRq4PeEA5XTDRpP
Gulden NLG GKvbJUujxBzhfqfAb4zF61RGniFucGDTiX

Sending a tip in ETH tokes

I accept all ERC20 ETH tokes, as long as they're not completely and utterly worthless ;)

Sending a tip by cpu/gpu mining for a couple of minutes/hours

I set up a minexmr pool account (4542WkSzKUMaPSXJUAHzgDA3RZAvEYvq8iWAjsSLt5cn5zjraBTv76JMsn7YizwihfMj9XCib9qaPguarmHExv1A9FU33Ww), so if you're willing to support me, but you're unwilling to actually pay some coins out of your pocket, but rather donate some electricity to me, i'd be happy if you'd mine XMR under my account for a while
A quick walktrough:
  1. Download the correct version for xmrrig. If you have a GPU, the GPU version tips the most (if you get it working). If you don't have a gpu, or you can't get GPU mining running, the cpu version is helping me aswell... There's a precompiled version for most popular OS's: https://github.com/xmrig/xmrig/releases/
  2. unzip xmrrig, cd to the directory where you unzipped xmrrig and go:
  3. If there are no errors, and you see shares rolling in once in a while, you're effectively tipping me in electricity... Thanks :)

Sending a tip by joining freebitco.in under my refcode

Yup, by claiming free bitcoin, and/or betting your free claims, you actually send me a couple of satoshi's :)

Sending a tip by buying one of the products i'm affiliated with

Sometimes, you just need a product... Might aswell buy it using my refcode ;)
Trust.zone, a VPN i personally use and endorse
Ledger hardware wallets, i own one of these and i'm perfectly happy with it