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I personally use trust zone VPS because it's cost effective, so far i haven't had any problems with it, so i'd recommand it to others :)

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tBTC stands for TESTNET BTC, testnet coins are worthless, so there is no point in hoarding them. They'll never ever get any value, except to developers who can use these coins to test out new products.

Transactions will be batched and go out once per hour.

You can only claim once per 60 minutes.

Please return these funds after you've used them: 2Mx1wPhYFShxUJohK14xnhGHeUYkS7wpNi8 so i can help other people

(part of the) Tips and advertising income will be used to buy hashrate to mine more tBTC, => how to tip <=

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Ledger supports holding tBTC, it's an easy and secure hardware wallets for only ~€120, if you hold more (or plan to hold more) than a couple hundred worth of crypto, a hardware wallet is a good investment. I personally use this product, and so far i'm happy with it :)

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

Notice 1: since this faucet is only giving away tBTC, we're behind cloudflare... Yup, that's a MITM, so don't use the tBTC for illegal stuff!

Notice 2: just a quick heads-up, the frontend is "stupid", you can enter invalid addresses (completely invalid, extra whitespaces,...), there are ways to claim more than 0.005 tBTC, there are ways to claim multiple times per hour... HOWEVER, the backend is smart: multiple claims per hour, invalid addresses, excessive amounts,... will all be blocked without notice